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First Meeting…

Hello there!

One of the things I have enjoyed immensely in my 25 years of pastoral ministry experience is performing weddings.  I love being part of that special day with all of its pageantry; the beautiful gowns and tuxedos, the music, the cute little kids who in their “unpredictabilily” create unque moments.  Most of all I love observing the families and especially the happy couple before me repeating their vows and making public their commitment to each other.  Truly a defining moment in time.

My journey with these couples usually begins when I hold my first meeting together with them.  I had such a meeting yesterday with a couple at an area Starbucks.  I love asking people how they met; while the dynamics of two people becoming friends then falling in love have certain similarities, each couples story is different.  It’s always interesting to me to hear how the feelings of love are ignited and determine their dreams and goals for the future.   

I would love to meet and talk with you and hear your story.  For complete information about me and the services that I offer – please visit my wedding website listed to the right.


God Bless!

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