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I was officiating a wedding at Salish Lodge in beautiful Snoqualmie Falls last night (a beautiful wedding venue!), and shared something with the bride and groom (and guests) that I believe is a key to a long, satisfying marriage relationship.

The key is to keep your marriage “upgraded.”  

In this day and age of computer technology, we all know the importance of not only installing the original computer programs, but keeping these programs regularly updated to insure proper performance.  How many times have we had problems down the road because we neglected to regulary check and download the latest updates and versions or simply didn’t want to pay for these.

The same is true of the marriage relationship.  When first married, it is almost as if we install the “marriage 1.0” version.  But over time, we change, we grow, we enter different seasons of life.  A marriage needs to change and grow as well to keep in step with these changes – and contrary to what some may think, we don’t do this automatically.    We must, so to speak, install “marriage 2.0,” “3.0,” and so on.  It takes constant effort and sensitivity.  My wife Cindy and I are  in our 29th year of marriage, and we have found this to be so true in our relationship.  There have been times that I know I have neglected to focus on important “updates” that could have greatly improved our marriage, and these actions (I should say inactions) almost caused a total systems crash!

Here’s the secret to continually staying fresh in your relationship, to keeping the most current “upgrade” running smoothly in your marriage.  It’s in making the choice to say, “I will learn, I will grow and adjust to the changes taking place in our relationship, I will continue to love deeply no matter what the cost.  I will upgrade to marriage 2.0, 3.0, and beyond!  I will pay the price in order to keep connected to you at the heart level.”

I pray God’s best for your relationship.  Let’s keep our marriages constantly “upgraded!”


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