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Since weddings are a gathering of people and schedules and equipment, there are many things that can go a little “differently” than planned.  The key is to understand the dynamics of these kinds of things and remain both calm and flexible.  Chances are these “moments” often make for the best memories! 

I remember one wedding when butterflies were to be released, symbolizing something like love taking flight.  It was a great idea, and while doves can be a common animal to release at such ceremonies, it was going to be my first “butterfly release” event.  When the day of the ceremony finally arrived, all was put in place for a lovely back yard ceremony.  The only thing is that the weather didn’t cooperate; it was much colder than anticipated.  And in cold weather butterflies don’t like to move; they go into a kind of “stasis” if you will.  So the decision was made to remove that part of the ceremony…but the only thing is that they didn’t tell me about it!  Well, when the time came for the big “moment,” I started on a wonderful monologue on love and the symbol of what we were going to behold.  Well, out of the corner of my eye I noticed the mother of the bride waving her hands wildly at me and mouthing the words, “we’re not doing the butterflies!”  Well, needless to say it was somewhat of an embarrasing moment for me as I had to recant what I had just begun to say, while transitioning into the next element.  Oh well…that’s life!

Another funny instance I remember is from a wedding my wife and I were involved in as the “singers.”  We were to present a song during the unity candle.  The day before the ceremony I sliced my hand open and had to have both stitches and a sizeable white bandagde around the whole hand.  When the time for the unity candle arrived, our background music began to play; and as I lifted my microphone to join my wife in song, I noticed she was standing on the cord!  I could only (with my huge white bandage and all) tug gently on the cord until she got the message (I think it took about half the song).  In addition to this going on, we heard the assembled guests expressing muffled giggles – what was happening, in addition to our own challenges with bandages and microphones, was that the bride and groom couldn’t get the unity candle to light!  So eventually the resourceful groom dripped some wax from his candle and simply stuck his smaller candle right in the center of the larger candle – wellah!  All was well, to the amusement of the audience (and us).    

Another humorous instance I recall (although not anything going wrong at all) was when I was performing an outdoor wedding.  The groom and I were standing at the front, all ready for the bride to make her appearance in all of her splendor and glory.  Then the music cranked up…the tune of “don’t worry, be happy.”  When the bride appeared coming down the isle, she was accompanied by the family dog, complete with his own little personal tuxedo!  What a kick that was…and a memory I have clearly in my mind until this day.


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