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One of the “side benefits” of doing weddings is that they take me to some great venues and locations that offer excellent food, great views, and interesting people to meet.  I really enjoy taking road trips (I love to drive and explore new places) and seeing the countryside; I’m constantly discovering new areas of the northwest that I never knew existed or have heard of but not yet visited.

Canlis restaurant in Seattle is one such place – I just came back from an evening wedding event there.  I had heard of the place before but had not been a guest until today.  The room that the ceremony was held in was a smaller, very comfortable space for a table of about 25 (complete with fireplace), featuring an excellent view eastward over the northern portion of Lake Union toward Gasworks Park and beyond.  I felt like I was being pampered from the moment I arrived (valet parking, of course!), and there were waiters and attendents waiting to take your every request, and they took drink orders as we arrived.    I did not stay for dinner after the ceremony, but as I was walking out a waiter offered me a crab puff appetizer (yum!) and I saw some juicy looking steaks sizzling on a grill. 

I had a great time at Canlis and will hopefully return in the near future to either perform another ceremony there or be a dinner guest myself – probably one of those “special” places for birthdays and anniversaries.  I recommend you visit as well.


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