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Best Spot in the House

As I stood in my “spot” today at a wedding I performed, it ocurred to me once again that I get the absolute best view in the house to observe all that’s going on, and I love it.

When you stand in the center of the “action” on wedding game day, you get a chance to observe things that the average “guest” does not see.  First of all and most exciting is being at arms-length from the  bride and groom.  Being that “up close and personal” with them is an amazing thing; witnessing the excitement, nervousness, and the relief of finally having all that planning come together for the ceremony is something to behold. 

I enjoy watching the bridal party as they file in from back to front, and taking their places on the stage area around me.  The colors of the dresses and tuxedos are always so stunning and gorgeous.

I also get a kick out of observing the assembled guests themselves.  That’s right, while they are observing the wedding party up front, I’m looking the crowd over and enjoying the “people watching” exercise.  Sometimes it can be quite amusing watching people when they don’t expect anyone will be watching them!

From my vantage point I can also see the coordinator hurrying around at the back of the room unseen by the guests who are seated facing forward,  lining up those that will be participating in the ceremony, cueing the music, etc.

But by far the best part of participating in these ceremonies is the privilege I have in pronouncing the couple husband and wife and introducing them for the first time, seeing the smiles on their faces, witnessing the reaction from the overjoyed crowd – wow, what a blast.

Life is great, especially when you get to observe it from the best spot in the house!

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