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With the myriad of details to take care of and the decisions a bride must make, often the role of the wedding coordinator is overlooked.  I want to take a moment to emphasize the importance of this member of your wedding planning team as well as the characteristics of the one you should select, as this person will be a game-changer in preparing for your special day.  When I meet with couples in the introductory meeting and we begin the planning process, I always very strongly recommend a coordinator, whether the venue requires it or not, and whether the wedding is to be small or large.

The importance of the coordinator.  The coordinator will be the person selected by the bride to take care of all the details pertaining to the running of a smooth wedding, including running the rehearsal, the ceremony itself, and sometimes the reception.  He or she will work closely with the bride to carry out her wishes on all details so that the bride will have as little stress as possible going into the big event.  I always tell couples that this person is “worth their weight in gold” and that they should give careful consideration as to whom they choose.  An example of the importance of the coordinator’s work is ever so illustrated at the rehearsal.  An experienced coordinator knows exactly what the bride wants and works undauntingly toward this end, guiding rehearsal and ceremony with almost military precision and making sure everyone’s time is honored.  On the other end of the spectrum I’ve witnessed very uncoordinated and stress-filled rehearsals because either there was no coordinator or the one selected really had no clue as to how to put into action the bride’s plans.  

Choose the right coordinator.  By far the best move is to hire a professional coordinator, as there is no substitute for their skill and experience.  You’ll be glad you paid for this valuable service.  Many churches and wedding facilities will require that you hire their own coordinators, as they will know the facility the best.  Another option is to ask a friend with some experience in coordinating to take over this role for you (although by far the professional is preferred).  If you choose this avenue, please bear in mind that this individual will need to possess the people skills necessary to give directives to a group and be able to stay on-task and focused (organized) on what you desire.  Make sure you as the bride feel comfortable that this person can put your plans into action.  If you have any doubts whatsoever, you’ll want to step back and rethink your choice.

I have worked with many coordinators through the years, and can attest to indispensability of their service.  When your rehearsal and ceremony go off without a hitch and your day is carefree, you will be glad you spent a little extra money to ensure that this vital role has been properly addressed!

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